First Post!

This is the post excerpt.


I chose the Spurs as my topic because they are my favorite basketball team, and I felt that it would be easy for me to write about. I started playing basketball in Kindergarten through Upwards, and later was in a select team with my younger brother. I stopped playing in 7th grade when I decided I didn’t want to play on middle school team, but continued to watch my brother play and watching NCAA/NBA. Most of my family is from Oregon, so they’re all are big fans of the Portland Trailblazers, but being from Texas and growing up watching the likes of Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili play, they became my favorite team. In my first few years of high school I stopped watching basketball as much, but in the last couple of years I started watching with my dad and brother again whenever I can. I’m excited to talk about my favorite team in the coming months for this blog and hope that everyone who reads this might learn interesting things about the best team in Texas!

2 thoughts on “First Post!”

  1. It’s awesome to see that you are very into what you’re writing about on here. I don’t watch a ton of basketball but I have been to San Antonio numerous times, therefore I feel like I have a part of me that is a fan of the Spurs. Great post!


  2. This is a very interesting topic! It is easy to read and get into knowing that this is something you have been into for so long. Can’t wait to see what else you have to write about.


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