Gregg Popovich

The Spurs coach/President Gregg Popovich is well known in the basketball community, as he has been the Coach since 1996. Under his lead the Spurs have won 5 championships, 3 Coach of the Years, and has been an a 4x All-Star Game head coach. Coach Pop Started off actually in 1988-1992 as an assistant, and then went on to be an assistant ’92-’94 before returning to Spurs as the general manager and Vice President of Basketball Operations, under the current owner Peter Holt in 1994. After Spurs started out 3-15 for the ’96-’97 season, he fired coach Bob Hill, and took over as head coach in 1996, where he has remained to this day. One of the first things Coach did after finishing the season was draft Tim Duncan from Wake Forest University. This gave them the famous “twin tower” offense with 6’11’’ Tim Duncan and 7’1’’ David Robinson. In 1999 Spurs won their first NBA title against the Knicks. As the years went on Coach Pop became a very respected coach in the NBA winning 4 more titles, and picking up more stars like Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobili. On Febuary 4, 2017 only a couple days ago Coach Pop recorded his 1,128th win with one franchise, surpassing Jerry Sloan.pop


4 thoughts on “Gregg Popovich”

    1. I happen to follow basketball very closely and even though i’m a Dallas Maverick fan I do happen to love Gregg Popovich. He has accomplished so much and I love his system and how he can take an average college player and make then an NBA star!


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