Dallas Chaparrals

The San Antonio Spurs were not always known as the Spurs. From 1967-1973 the organization was known as the “Dallas Chaparrals.” The team later decided to drop ‘Dallas’ to become the “Texas Chaparrals in 1970. Although the were a modestly successful team on the court, the organization was sinking financially by their third season, primarily because the management didn’t want to spend much money on the team. After missing the playoffs in the 72-73 season, most of the owners wanted out. That’s when a group of businessmen from San Antonio worked out a “lend-lease” deal with the group. Starting in the 1973-74 season they became the “San Antonio Spurs” as we know today. Many people do not know about this time in Spurs history and think it’s crazy how the Spurs owners managed to make a failing organization into the incredible organization that it is today.

Dallas Chaparrals Logo
Dallas Chaparrals Logo from 1967-1973.

2 thoughts on “Dallas Chaparrals”

  1. Wow! I had no idea about the background of the team. That is really cool that they had a vision for this team and saved it. What a fun story. Thanks for sharing!


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