Kawhi for MVP

There’s a conversation the NBA is having around the Most Valuable Player reward this season. Russell Westbrook and James Harden were the early frontrunners, and LeBron James plays well enough to be considered every year. But even though Kawhi Leonard placed second in last year’s voting, the league’s observers were slow to give him a share of the top forerunners. Then suddenly everyone started talking about Kawhi for MVP after the playing the Rockets. Kawhi led a 16-point comeback against a division rival, scoring 39 points on 12-of-18 shooting with 30 coming in the second half, hit the contested game-winning three off the dribble with 26 seconds left in the game, and ran back on defense to swat James Harden’s would-be game-tying layup off the glass. In these last moments of the game, Kawhi Leonard reminded everyone that he is not playing around. Leonard made this on-court case in about 10 seconds during the 112-110 win against the Houston Rockets on March 6th. In the first half, Leonard had watched as fellow MVP candidate James Harden lit up the Spurs, only for Leonard to respond with an even more convincing final 24 minutes. After the game, Kahwi said “I’m just playing basketball, trying to make my team the best team right now,” Kawhi is a very humble person and doesn’t tend to boast about what he does on the court, bur his teammates will, “I was in complete awe,” Manu Ginobili said. “I couldn’t believe what he did. It was an incredible last few plays.”

In my opinion, there is not question to who this year’s MVP will be, and I hope that more people will see as I do.4d24c8555a932f53a52b182515126601


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