Pau Gasol

In July 2016 Pau Gasol signed with the San Antonio Spurs after playing for the Chicago Bulls for two seasons. The Spurs have long had a reputation for favoring versatile, playmaking international players, and Gasol’s name belongs near the very top when discussing the most impactful Europeans to come to the NBA. In their first season together, Gasol has been everything the Spurs expected, and more. The 36-year-old Spaniard’s scoring and rebounding has been there as usual, but he has also added the 3-point shot to his arsenal, adapting to the changing demands on big men. Gasol is taking 3.1 3-pointers per 100 possessions this season, more than double the number of attempts he put up with the Bulls last season. In his first 14 seasons in the league, Gasol only averaged more than 0.6 3s per 100 possessions one time. The Spurs hadn’t expected such a stellar performance in 3 pointers. Gregg Popovich said regarding Pau, “He’s fulfilled all of our expectations…There were really no surprises. If anything, he’s shooting the 3 more than he has before. That’s been the biggest difference. We didn’t expect that.” Pau Gasol was an excellent pick-up by the Spurs, not only because of his size but because of all that he brings to the table. With the Spurs current line-up, nothing is stopping them from bringing home another championship to San Antonio! BKN Spurs center Pau Gasol shoots a 3-pointer against the Timberwolves_1488698955601_8910759_ver1.0


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